back flexed vert

Free yourself from a fixed fin and unleash your board.

The WTF 9″ represents a giant leap in surfboard technology, and is the world’s first adjustable swing-range fin on the market.  Our adjustable pivoting fin fits in any single-fin longboard fin box, and makes your longboard or SUP feel and maneuver like a shorter board.

Our fin works by allowing an adjustable amount of rotation on each side of center.  Allowing the fin to pivot means starting your turns takes much less energy, as you aren’t working against the forces of the fin.  After you start the turn, the fin locks into position adding traction and snap to the turn.

The amount of rotation can be adjusted and limited on each side, so you can dial-in the fin for your particular surfing spot, mood, or surfing conditions.


Designed for maximum compatibility.

Our fin is guaranteed to fit any standard longboard fin box, so you can throw it on anything from a 8’0 fun board to a 12’0 SURF/SUP.

WTF 9" Pivoting Longboard Fin