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WaveTech 9" Longboard Fin

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ezra-alone-square.jpgDitch the Fixed Fin and Unleash Your Creativity

Experience a whole new level of fun and creativity not possible with a standard fixed longboard fin.  With the pivoting WaveTech Fin, turning a longboard is amazingly smooth and responsive, opening the door to new ideas and forms of expression.  With our patented adjustment table, you can fine-tune the responsiveness of the fin to match your mood, style, wave, or surfing conditions.







Dial-In the Fin

We've gone through quite a few revisions during our quest for the perfect longboard fin.  Along the way, we came up with a method to adjust the maximum amount of pivot to each side, front-side vs. back-side.  Using a series of pegs in a peg board, the fin's movement can be limited without any tools, right in the lineup.  This allows you to "stiffen" the fin up to respond more like a traditional fin, or loosen the fin up to free up turning, all the way to side-slipping.  It's all up to you.




Made With Aloha in the USA


Developed and Tested in Hawaii

image.jpgThe WaveTech 9 inch Longboard Fin is designed to last a lifetime in harsh ocean environments using high-strength stainless steel and aircraft-grade aluminum.  Our team of life-long world-class surfers have extensively tested the fin over 5 years in the legendary surf of Oahu.  Practically indestructible, the WaveTech Fin is rated to withstand 500+ lbs of horizontal force without any permanent deformation or breakage. 

Dual breakaway fin screws are provided which allow the fin to break cleanly away from the board in the event the fin hits something substantial, saving your expensive board from damage.  This also allows the fin to fit perfectly on any shape board in any standard longboard fin box.

The WaveTech makes a longboard feel and react more like a shortboard, and represents the next generation of longboard and SUP fins.  Experience the difference of a WaveTech Fin and Surf Like Your Dreams.




Common Questions:

Do you ship to my country outside of the USA?

Yes, we can ship worldwide right from our website.  If you don't see your country listed, send us an email and we'll let you know if we can ship there.


Do you offer Free Shipping?

All orders shipped within the United States qualify for free shipping, with the exception of wholesale orders.


Will the fin fit on my surfboard?

The WaveTech 9" will fit inside any standard longboard fin box without any additional modification.  Two fin screws allow the adjustment table to sit perfectly flush on any shape board.  We've ridden this fin on both single fin and tri-fin setups, and all work well.


What's your return policy?

We stand behind each and every one of our fins.  So much so, that we're offering a 90 day return policy with each fin.  If you take this fin off and never use it again, we'll buy it back from you.  All you have to do is pay the shipping.


How do I set up the fin when I first start out?

We recommend setting the pegs in the third slot from the rear on both sides.  As you become more comfortable and familiar with how the fin responds, you can fine-tune it from there.  Each side can be adjusted separately, front-side vs. back-side, to suit your particular riding style, wave, or surfing conditions.  When flipped upside down, the left-side adjustment peg affects the right-hand turns, and vice versa.  We like to locate the fin about an inch from the rear of the fin box.


The pivoting action feels too stiff, and the fin isn't returning to center.  What do I do?

This usually happens because the front fin-screw is too tight.  Back off the front screw a quarter-turn at a time until the fin pivots freely in your fin box.  The rear screw should be secured tightly.

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  • 5
    I can't go back to a normal fin!

    Posted by Kelly on May 2nd 2019

    I have to admit I was a bit hesitant to start using this, as I think like all surfers, I didn't want to chance having a bad sesh... but man! Once I put it on, my turns are connecting in whole new ways. I feel like this fin has taught me how to really surf, and I'm able carve so much cleaner and smoother. I've been stoked riding it with my 9'0 in soft mushy mexico waves and heavy, steep double overhead Oregon. Amazing stuff. I can't go back to a static fin! Wavetech for Life.

  • 5
    Amazing! Total gamechanger!

    Posted by Andre S. on Oct 1st 2018

    I've been riding the WTF 9" on my 9'6 Takayama for the last 6 months. Right off the bat I noticed how easily the board turned, seems like all you have to do is think about turning and it responds. I have never had a fin that has made such a noticeable difference. Surfing on this fin has made me a much better surfer than I was to begin with. Recommending to all of my friends!