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We answer quite a few questions from interested riders all around the world.  We've collected the most common questions and included them here for quick reference.


Do you ship to my country outside of the USA?

In most cases, yes!  Right now, we only ship to UK, Australia, and USA through our website.  Just shoot us an email to see what options are available for your country if not listed.  Please note, most countries impose a Duty or Import Tax on our product that is also your responsibility to pay, and varies depending on country.  If you have questions, consult your local Trade or Import Office.


Do you offer Free Shipping?

All orders shipped within the United States qualify for free shipping, with the exception of wholesale orders.


Will the fin fit on my surfboard?

The WaveTech 9" will fit inside any standard longboard fin box without any additional modification.  Two fin screws allow the fin's adjustment table to sit perfectly flush on any shape board.


How do I set up the fin when I first start out?

We recommend setting the pegs in the third slot from the rear on both sides.  As you become more comfortable and familiar with how the fin responds, you can fine-tune it from there.  Each side can be adjusted separately, front-side vs. back-side, to suit your particular riding style, wave, or surfing conditions.


The pivoting action feels too stiff, and the fin isn't returning to center.  What do I do?

This usually happens because the front fin-screw is too tight.  Back off the front screw a quarter-turn at a time until the fin pivots freely in your fin box.  The rear screw should be secured tightly.